Idle No More .. Media, No.. More… Either?!

Yesterday Right across this land we call Canada, a place so many people at one point in the not so distant past had no problem admitting they were proud to be a part of, there were protests to bring to light new bills that are either about to be passed or have been passed that will impact not only indigenous peoples, but citizens of Canada.  I did not get to attend this rally here in Edmonton as I had prior commitments that brought to light Indigenous presence at post secondary Institutions in the arts, but man was I looking forward to getting home and watching on the news the events of the day.

Flicking through the channels, one after another.. NOTHING! Not a single mention of #Idle No More ! Seems that there were more pressing things to cover like.. I dunno.. A Monkey that got lost in an Ikea in Toronto! Even though there wasn’t anything on the TV, Indigenous people across this country flooded the internet with new Meme’s, photos, video, and blog posts.  It feels like the explanations, arguments, and opinions are focused on “The complaining Indian” again, but my god world.. Does a bill that gets passed that even Environmental groups have strongly protested as ” the weakening of environmental regulations in Bill C-45, which reduced the number of protected lakes and rivers in Canada from 2.5 million to 159″ Seem like just a “Complaining Indian” problem to you?!

This bill is just another that has been piled on top of others over the years. People expect the Indians to be quite again and let it pass.. but those days have passed. In what world does any group of people that ban together to better their people, not get Media coverage? Oh yeah… the same one that if there’s a kid killed in a gang shooting in a small town you hear about how bad the Indian problem is getting. It’s time to stop covering the negative stories and show the positive ones.

I could go on and on.. but I’m going to let the writing to the writers, and I’ll do my part as an artist to contribute through a visual language.
Here are some articles of interest and some images to follow,



natives are restless





If you don’t trust all that… The Enterprise knows…






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2 thoughts on “Idle No More .. Media, No.. More… Either?!

  1. Steven Loft says:

    right on, brother…

  2. […] some thoughts, but today I am deep in marking. Nevertheless, I wanted to provide some links to help counter the media silence around the Idle No More movement. On December 10, 2012, a number of Canada’s First Nations came together around the […]

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